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We take the time to find out about your life and make specific personal insurance recommendations that work for you when you can’t. Don’t rely on standard website questions, speak to us today.

Lifestyle Protection

Insurance isn’t sexy, we get it, but neither is being caught with your financial pants down due to not being able to work because of an injury or other unexpected life event. The bills will keep coming but at Empower, our job is to take that stress away from you by finding the right solution for your individual circumstances, so you can have peace of mind that, should the worst happen, we’ve got you covered.

Our services

Are you really comparing the market?

We make it our business to find the right solutions for you and have access to many more products than are used by online comparison companies. You probably don’t know what the right insurance policy is for you, which is why we take the time to find out about your life so we can make specific recommendations. This can’t be achieved by answering a few standard questions on a website.

Talk to us today and get a real solution to your insurance needs, not an out of the box quick purchase that could leave you with some serious buyers’ remorse down the track.

Partnering with us

Establishing direction

If you’ve got a financial goal, you need to know the direction you’re taking so you can get there sooner. Let us help you clear a pathway so you can move forward with confidence.

Your roadmap

The Empower Financial Advice team will work with you to understand your unique circumstances and deliver financial strategies to nurture and protect your financial wellbeing.

Meeting your goals

At Empower Financial Advice, we’ll support you on your wealth creation journey and work with you to ensure you reach your goals comfortably, without stress.

Here to help

Improving the financial wellbeing of our clients is our main aim. With the experience of a big city bank, our team of trusted, Cairns local financial advisors, you’re in safe hands.

What do I need?

Each type of insurance is designed to protect your life in a different way. TPD (totally, permanent disability), will improve your quality of life should you become permanently disabled, critical illness cover will help with the cost of living so you can focus on getting through a serious condition, and income protection will pay your bills if you can’t work due to illness or injury. Finally, life insurance is there to protect your love ones’ financial future.

Knowing what you need can be overwhelming, but the team at Empower Financial Advice is here to help you make informed choices. Our goal isn’t to sell to you, it’s to protect you, your family and your estate.

TPD - Your Financial Back Up Plan

We like to think of TPD as a financial back up plan for our clients. It’s the security you need if you are totally or permanently disabled and can be used to cover items such as your mortgage, loans, credit cards, modifications to your home and ongoing medical costs as a result of your injuries.

It’s never easy to work out exactly how much TPD cover you’ll need as we are all different, which is why we take the time to find out as much as we can about your unique circumstances.

Nobody wants a nasty surprise when it comes to making a claim, so it’s important to speak to an expert. We’ll go through various scenarios with you and make sure you understand the differences between policies, as well as any jargon.

Life Insurance

‘’Why do I need life insurance? I’ll be dead so what does it matter?’’ This is something we hear a lot and whilst it is usually tongue in cheek, it couldn’t be further from the truth. You are often the biggest, yet most under-insured asset in your household. Whether your family has multiple incomes or just one, suddenly losing an income stream would have a devastating impact financially, which is why life insurance is so important.

Life insurance ensures your loved ones have financial peace of mind should you pass away. We understand that it can be difficult to face your own mortality which is why we take the time to go through everything carefully and with kindness. We are experts in insurance and will work hard to make sure we recommend solutions most suited to your circumstances.

Life changing events such as getting married or having children will mean you’ll need to revisit your level and type of cover. So, whether you have no insurance at all, or haven’t reviewed your policies for a while, we can help give you peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen, the insurance side of things is one less thing to worry about.

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